Emo Nite

For you un-cool cats who're unaware of what emo nite is... you're truly missing out.

Emo nite is an event that brings out the feels and the nostalgia of your best (worst?) years through song and dance.

Emo nite is a place where you can jam the songs that helped shape who you were as a teenager into who you are as an adult. 

From brand new to taking back sunday and my chemical romance, you can sing your heart out with people who become family for the night.


check out all of the "emo nite" shenanigans in Dallas in my "client galleries" section! 


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The Rocket Summer

So, I decided to do a blog to show you guys pictures and adventures.

Here's a funny little snip-it from my life.
I have been a massive rocket summer fan since I discovered him on myspace.
Here's the awkward proof. Captioned: "I LIKE THE ROCKET SUMMER."
Fun fact: I put my camera in a tree outside my grandparent's house and put it on self-timer to snap this picture. I was 15 years old. (I'm now 25) 


rocket summer awkward .jpg

Am I embarrassed? Maybe. (Yes, I am) I have loved watching this artist grow for the past 10 years. I got to see him play in 2011! I was 19 years old, and I waited in line for almost an hour to get a picture. I asked for a picture without making eye contact and then immediately ran away due to being shy. 

In April 2017 I got the opportunity to shoot for Emo Nite Dallas. (Now I am a regular photographer for the event, and it has actually helped me open socially a little more) I was on stage taking pictures and someone walked up and stood next to me. I was like "That guy kinda looks like Bryce Avary, but it probably isn't." Then all of the sudden, he's the DJ?! Turns out I was silly and didn't realize it was him until a few days later when I was sending photos to the Third String crew. 

Shortly after Emo Nite Bryce was releasing some secret messages on his social media. I assumed immediately that it was a 10 year anniversary tour. I decided to put myself out there and see if I could have the opportunity to take pictures. The day of the show (July 21) I got approved for a pass and was just overtaken with excitement. 

This is only my 5th time shooting a concert. I have been thrilled with how the photos have progressed and here is some of my favorite work to date. Check out my favorite pictures below:

I also made a little recap video. (I was shooting images most of the show. I didn't think to capture a bunch of video, whoops!) Here ya go! I had a blast and am so thankful to have been able to take pictures!